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TTM© USSD GW Time To Market USSD menu, It extremely flexible interactive menu based 'two-way' messaging infrastructure gives lots of flexibility. It opens up new revenue streams and raises customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to reduced churn, TTM USSD GW is Cloud-ready.

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For today and tomorrow


Mobiadd SMSC is designed to not only provide standard SMSC features, but also enable added value services through integration with OTT social networks and microblogs such as Facebook and Twitter, etc.Mobiadd SMSC is Cloud-ready. It can be deployed on dedicated hardware, private cloud infrastructure or public IaaS such as AWS.

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We Build it the way you want!

RTone allowing mobile users to reflect their personality by setting a preferred ringback tone for callers to hear before the call is answered.

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Missed Calls Notification.

MCN solving the issue of missed calls in a mobile network. 

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising MobAdv will create and manage mobile advertising campaigns.
This enables operators new ways of monetising their subscribers by introducing a new business model, in which it can act as a broker to advertising agencies or brands/advertisers for the fastest-growing advertising channel.

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things We Can Do

Mobiadd is the partner of choice for some of world's leading mobile network operator, by helping them create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective communications networks and meet their customers' growing needs through the rapid deployment of new communication services.